Motivating Your People

Do you feel that the increase of video conferencing has made it more challenging for your team to stay engaged and motivated?

With more people being forced to work from home due to the pandemic, this has resulted in many finding themselves less motivated and feeling like each day is like ground hog day.

Are you finding that your people are:

  • Less engaged and less interactive in team meetings?
  • Less and less are attending your scheduled meetings and or scheduled social events?
  • The work interest is lower and perhaps shown a decrease in their quality of work they are producing?

Your team might be struggling with the following problems:

  • Working remotely or lack of physical interaction with their colleagues
  • Overwhelmed and burnt out feeling the pressure of having to work longer hours to prove their existence
  • Not finding a purpose in life due to current situation we are facing with the pandemic including the never ending lockdowns for many states across Australia

Chances are that the motivation levels are decreasing, the energy and patience of many people are reaching boiling point.

If you are a Business Owner, Team Leader or Manager, who is constantly implementing:

  • Regular social engagement as team bonding opportunities
  • Allowing your team to be more flexible with their work times to deal with home schooling and or ability to balance home life and work activities; or
  • Minimising their workload to ensure that they are not over working

Let us tell you that you are doing all the right things to try and keep your team motivated and connected with each other during these challenging times.

However, even with all this being implemented, are you still finding that nothing is working? You might be seeing that workflow, quality of work, and the self-esteem of your people being impacted.

The biggest issues businesses do when motivating employees

  • Implement too much change at once
  • Increase in micromanaging of staff members, thinking that if you do this, people will work more effectively for you, unfortunately the opposite occurs
  • Suggesting challenges/activities to attend, that has no real purpose to each person to wanting to take part in

As a result, you may be causing more harm and demotivating your team. Engagement is hard enough in a normal world but engaging your team during a pandemic takes the challenge to the next level.

Motivating employees effectively

To improve motivation levels, focus on the small things: clear, consistent  and positive communication, open dialogue to create a safe environment for staff to open up, provide autonomy, and remember to provide context to the requests you seek so your team understands the WHY.

If you wish to discuss this further and find ways to help you with motivating your team and build a better workplace culture, reach out to our team at Now Actually.