I came to Now Actually needing tailored advice on how to navigate certain issues I was having within my company. Since then, they have helped shape the business so it can grow effectively to match our culture and operations.

Now Actually has exceeded expectations to help create employee reviews, position descriptions, and contracts to suit. I’m now confident in moving forward with the growth of my company knowing I have all my bases covered.

Chris Parrish, Managing Director – Proud Projects

“As a small business owner, it’s hard to stay on top of employer obligations – I had engaged a number of people to assist me in my business. I was unsure as to whether or not these people were employees or contractors. I engaged Now Actually Human Resources to assist with understanding the differences and the obligations of both. In conjunction with my accountant, we were able to determine the best outcome for us and put in appropriate safeguards and paperwork.”

Arborist Northern Territory

Now Actually assisted with me identifying the Manager wanted to work for Inge Jabara Landscapes but needed help to achieve success.  They were proactive and took care of matters that cropped up during the process.  The 12 week transformation of this staff member is a miracle and just shows that we did hire the right person for this role to begin with, they just needed some extra help.

I would highly recommend Now Actually.



Inge Jabara, Director – Inge Jabara Landscapes

Now Actually was a great help for us when we needed it most. When COVID-19 hit we needed to quickly lay off staff and adjust our working hours.  Now Actually were super responsive and explained everything to us is a simple way, giving us the confidence we were doing everything correctly.  In the end they made what we thought would be a very painful process quick and easy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Now Actually for any of your HR related issues.

Richard Fuessel, Director – Salt & Fuessel

For me my staff are like my family….so when there is an issue that has arisen with one of those ‘family members’ I instantly feel sick.

Now Actually are very prompt and respond to my SOS text messages and missed calls to help when what I thought was the world falling apart.

They instantly calm me down by listening and walking me through the situation by providing strategies, tolls and tasks with step by step instructions.

I would highly recommend Now Actually for all HR needs.

Kiani Mills, Director – KLM Conveyancing

Square Penny has worked with Now Actually successfully for a period of time. As a business owner it is critical to me that any business that I refer upholds our values.  I am pleased that Now Actually not only have provided solutions to our clients but also our clients have continued to go back to them for ongoing help. I highly recommend Now Actually for any HR related challenge as I am confident they will always find a solution.

Damian Scodella, CEO – Square Penny

HR is a field that affects every business, small and large and having the luxury of a dedicated HR resource is usually last on the list of growing companies but one that can create a lot of trouble and distraction to your business. At $40m turnover and still growing we have chosen Now Actually to perform this role for us. Their up to date knowledge, user friendly support literature, and availability provides us access to sound HR advice at a fraction of the cost of a permanent full time employee. Being an independent advisor also has the advantage of being seen as an unbiased specialist in the HR field and employee acceptance has been seamless. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anybody that is faced with HR growing pains.

Neil Bone, Director – Wastech Engineering

We have worked with Now Actually through some unique employment contracts, and got them done very professionally in a timely manner. Not only were we thrilled with this, they went above and beyond, taking the matter of award interpretation to Fair Work, then escalating it to the research team to get the verdict. We now have official confirmation, and were told that no one has ever asked about our category before which is a testament to their vigilance. We appreciate all the great work Now Actually has done and couldn’t recommend them more highly to anyone wanting to ensure high-quality HR standards in their workplace.

Harry Sanders, Director – Studio Hawk

As a young and growing business, we had been looking at expanding and bringing on new employees for some time, but like many business owners, we don’t have the time, experience or knowledge on how to do this to a professional standard.

Now Actually’s ability to scale their offering down or up to meet the needs of our business was a fantastic solution. Their professionalism has been nothing short of exceptional and is clearly matched by their experience and expertise in all things HR.

Now Actually was, proactive, responsive, direct and went over and above our expectations. We certainly look forward to an ongoing relationship and the peace of mind knowing Now Actually have this side of our business under control and we can use the time saved to focus on our core services.

Jayden Post, Director – Hard Line Wealth

We have been using Now Actually’s services for quite some time now and would highly recommend them to anyone that is in need of HR services.

They implemented OHS, Drug, Bullying and Harassment Policies as well as an online induction process for any employees and subcontractors. This adds a level of protection that we hadn’t even thought of and therefore would have left ourselves exposed.

I’ve called them with various situations that have come up with the challenge that is employing staff and they has gone above and beyond to help strategize and guide us through. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that is in need of HR and will we will most certainly continue to use their services going forward.

Craig Ritchie, Director – Premium Glass and Glazing

I’ve been delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with Now Actually. Even though they are independent consultants and specialists with other clients on their books they act as if they are part of KX and that our people really matter to them. Now Actually have helped us to navigate the complex employment landscape and challenge the way we operate to ensure we deliver fair opportunities for those employed in the KX network. Now Actually provide a great solution for both KX and our franchisees as we can share the resource so that it is financially viable. I can’t imagine operating a business in 2020 without having an HR and I couldn’t recommend Now Actually more highly.

Selina Bridge, CEO – KX Pilates

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now Actually’s expertise guaranteed that we avoided any nasty surprises that come with managing difficult situations. They helped us realise how easy it is to do the right thing for the company and our staff by following the right process, something that we would never have accomplished on our own.

We continue to call on Now Actually to assist us with our business as she fills the gap in our HR expertise.

Gabriel Esseesse, Director – Salt & Fuessel