The Challenge

Bookkeeping companies have many clients asking for specific advice around employment related matters including but not limited to HR, payroll, employment law, performance matters, award interruption queries. These companies are not equipped to provide this service but want to support their clients. They also identify these kinds of matters when conducting their services which could result in a business risk for their client if they not addressed.


We develop a close relationship with these businesses to provide value added support and advice in addition to what they are currently receiving. Having a trusted relationship ensures the business is providing a quality referral to their client and has peace of mind knowing they are going to get the service required.

Now Actually partners with other professional service businesses to complement services.


  • Bookkeeping company is confident they are providing the right support and solutions to their client rather than ‘googling’ an off the shelf provider
  • Both the Bookkeeping and HR businesses work closely together ensure the clients have all areas of people and finance covered
  • Client is being managed in a proactive, efficient manner to achieve objectives
  • Client is assured they have trusted partners working to support their business

What Our clients say:

  • Square Penny has worked with Now Actually successfully for a period of time. As a business owner it is critical to me that any business that I refer upholds our values.  I am pleased that Now Actually not only have provided solutions to our clients but also our clients have continued to go back to them for ongoing help. I highly recommend Now Actually for any HR related challenge as I am confident they will always find a solution.

    Damian Scodella, CEO – Square Penny