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No two businesses are alike, even if they’re in the same industry. How is this possible? Because of the people. It’s why our approach involves not only understanding what makes you and your people tick, but also how you can use HR compliance to get the most out of your team. Creating a positive and productive work environment where people feel valued, engaged and supported isn’t a matter of luck or chance – it’s about harnessing HR best practice and making it work for you. Which is exactly what we specialise in.

Outsourced HR solutions
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General HR Advice

Now Actually offer general HR advice on a variety of human resource and employment matters, such as:

Award Interpretation and Classification

Employment Relations

Industrial Relations

Employee Performance Management

Disputes and Workplace Conflict Assistance

Termination and Redundancies

Workplace Investigations

Fair Work Legislation and Fair Work Matters

WorkCover claims, and more

“What makes our general HR advice unique is that we won’t just dump a whole lot of information on you without knowing how to use it. We’re the experts of making the complex simple, and we do this by coaching, guiding and educating our clients so that they have the confidence to manage their people and know exactly what they need to do.”

HR Foundations

No matter how big or small your business is, you can benefit from custom-designed HR Foundations. They have the power to protect everything you’ve built, reduce risk and support your obligations as an employer.

Now Actually’s HR Foundations cover everything from legislation to best practice for your business. They’re the blueprint for creating a thriving and well-structured workplace, outlining key aspects, such as your T&C’s, processes and boundaries. The best part? Our HR Advisors can tailor these documents to align with your unique business.

For managing employee performance, we can support you to review, appraise and develop your people in a number of ways, such as:

Coaching, guiding and educating managers on how to run the most effective performance reviews by offering tips and ideas for how to maximise the process and add the most value.

Designing the best template and process for your team to complete for their quarterly, 6-monthly or annual performance reviews

Culture & Engagement

Culture is more than a pizza lunch or a 4pm finish on Fridays: it’s a combination of the beliefs, values, behaviours, habits and rituals of your team. A strong and inspiring culture doesn’t just happen – it’s created and nurtured over time.

Our multifaceted approach can help move the needle on culture in a number of ways, such as:

  • Putting a microscope on your practices, via engagement and pulse surveys
  • Building training programs
  • Developing a meaningful Reward and Recognition program
  • Reviewing and updating policies
  • Performing DISC assessments
  • Diving into Succession Planning.

Performance Management

Putting a plan together for your people is paramount. This could be a proactive or reactive process you implement, depending on the situation, but it should support you to empower your team to achieve business goals. Within performance management, we’re primarily talking about two things: performance management and performance reviews.

If you have an employee that’s underperforming or has an issue you need to address, Now Actually can step in to support you. We’ll have a conversation about what’s been going on, review any file notes you’ve put together and advise on the right next steps. If the situation needs to be escalated, our HR Advisors can assist in more formal disciplinary action, including issuing warnings, creating a performance improvement plan (PIP) or supporting you through the termination process.

For managing employee performance, we can support you to review, appraise and develop your people in a number of ways, such as:

Designing the best template and process for your team to complete for their quarterly, 6-monthly or annual performance reviews

Coaching, guiding and educating managers on how to run the most effective performance reviews by offering tips and ideas for how to maximise the process and add the most value.

Training & Development

To equip the leaders in your business with the skills and tools they need to get the most out of your team, we offer HR specific training and upskilling. This will arm your leaders with the best information – including the all important HR dos and don’ts – so they can lead with confidence and deal with issues head on.

They can work with you to identify what gaps need filling and how to go about addressing them.

Workplace Investigations & Fair Work Matters

Workplace issues can arise even in the most productive and supportive environments. They can be a source of stress for everyone, disrupt workflow and be difficult to navigate. No matter how tricky the issue, our team can walk alongside you, helping leaders feel empowered and employees feel seen and heard. Our unbiased and impartial investigations are designed to uncover the facts and reach a fair outcome for everyone involved.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of dealing with a Fair Work matter, Now Actually can help by reviewing the situation to find the best way forward. That might be via our HR Advisors managing the matter and representing you as our client, or by identifying the appropriate support you need, like an employment lawyer.

Succession Planning

For your business to manage change effectively and be around for the long haul, you’re going to need the appropriate employees in key positions. Succession planning helps you do just that. It can help your team keep to the Strategic Plan and make sure there’s continuity across the organisation.

We can help you identify and nurture the right internal staff into the next important role in their career and support any exits or leadership transitions that may need to happen now or into the future.

To do this, we can help you put together the right structure and have plans in place that reduce risk and retain the skills and knowledge that’s often lost when people leave a role or business.

Termination & Redundancies

At some point, employees will leave your business: some may leave voluntarily, while others might need to be terminated. This can be a complex process and it’s important to get it right. There are many factors to consider – the employee’s contract, reasons for termination and the Fair Work Act – and we can help you navigate it all with confidence.

From knowing when to offer redundancy and how to do it, to understanding every aspect of the dismissal process, our approach leaves no stone unturned.

HR software recommendations

If you’re looking to find the right Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to store and manage all of your employee data online – or you’re looking to change systems – we know the right questions to ask to determine which system will be best for your business.

There are a lot of options on the market so it can be difficult to know which software is the best choice.

In consultation with you, we’ll take onboard what you need to use the software for, do our research and present you with the best options. Now Actually isn’t aligned with any particular software so our advice and recommendations are unbiased and based on what’s going to fulfil your needs.

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To see how we work, read a selection of case studies from a variety of industries. From accounting to hospitality, retail to engineering, it’s possible to harness HR to not only get the best out of your people, but to grow your business, too.

Real people, real results

  • Now Actually has been my trusted HR advisory partner for many years, and the impact they’ve had on me and my clients during this time has been truly invaluable. In business, trusted partnerships are critical, and I’ve confidently referred numerous clients to Now Actually, witnessing firsthand the exceptional care and expertise they provide. This team embodies the best of values. I’m deeply grateful for their candor, integrity, and ongoing support.

    Damian Hinks, Owner & Business Performance Consultant – Diem Consulting

  • Jenna demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise in the topics covered, including HR documentation, contractors vs. employees, casual employment, modern awards, and the Fair Work Commission. The session provided a comprehensive overview of these important aspects, equipping us with practical information that we can immediately apply within our roles. Not only did Jenna possess a wealth of knowledge, but her presentation style was engaging and professional. Jenna fostered an open and inclusive environment that encouraged interaction and discussion amongst our team which ensured that the session was both informative and interactive. Thank you, Jenna, for a session that has positively impacted our understanding and approach to HR related matters.

    Brendan Farmer, Partner – Orr Martin and Waters Chartered Accountants

  • I could not recommend Now Actually highly enough! As a small business, having a dedicated HR department is a huge expense, however, given this post-Covid environment and the ongoing changes, it’s absolutely critical to be across everything.  The team have been amazing in helping us navigate through the last two years, they’re always available and never complain about what must seem like my endless trivial questions.  I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who wants to implement HR best practice with the most up-to-date regulations.      

    Chris Backman, General Manager – Doyoueven

  • With so much change happening within the hospitality industry, it was key for our restaurant group to engage human resources support. We struck gold finding Now Actually have not looked back. Highlights include, implementing structure into our business, simplifying our onboarding process, contract auditing to keep us up-to-date with hospitality ‘award rates’ and most importantly the on-hand support and advice in those challenging times, which do happen! Now Actually have positively changed our overall approach as leaders in the day-to-day management of our venues.

    Hayley Illing, General Manager – Carolina Group

  • Working with Now Actually to ensure our HR is not only appropriately managed but operating at a best practice level has given our business confidence to continue to grow. As a relatively young operation, investing in solid HR practices has been important to us from the very beginning. The incredible benefit of an outsourced HR model is that Now Actually have grown with us on the journey from a small team of three to now over 30 staff.

    Sarah Sheridan, Deputy CEO | Co-Founder – Clothing The Gaps

  • “Overall I am very happy and impressed with all that Now Actually offers. I genuinely feel they are part of the ASI family and I cannot see the difference had we hired someone internally. So, it’s a great outcome for ASI. Now Actually have been able to help us navigate the multiple changes in employment law over the last few years. Through the COVID period they were able to provide guidance and a framework to manage our COVID compliance. Now Actually were also involved in assisting us with our significant restructure. They were instrumental in providing the documentation to support that as well as strategic advice on how we go about it. One of the benefits of this was that in the restructure they were able get the Founder off the tools and into a role that enabled him to grow the business. And along the way they have been providing useful and meaningful updates that allow us to focus on the day to day running of the business!”

    Martin Camilleri, General Manager – ASI Electrics

  • “We worked with Now Actually to develop an employee contract. We are in a unique industry, meaning there was a significant amount of background work that was required on their behalf. The whole process was straight forward, and we got advice tailored to our business. We would recommend the Team at Now Actually. HR is one of those things that you know you need to do but put off doing. After biting the bullet, I engaged Now Actually HR to support our business. The team were professional helpful and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable knowing I had their support. Now Actually have been a great asset to our business supporting us with not only developing contracts, but also offering guidance and advice on other HR needs. Looking for a reputable HR firm, then look no further the Now Actually HR. They have helped us significantly in our business."

    Olivia Soha, Director – Uncovery Pty Ltd

  • “When we first engaged with Now Actually our business had a number of Contractors working within it. By working with Now Actually they were able to determine that our Contractors where in fact Casual Employees. Now Actually helped us transfer them across to new contracts and created the appropriate policies and procedures that we needed to support our growing business.“

    Siobhan Glass, Creative Director & Founder – Neighbourhood Property Styling

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