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Now Actually supports accounting businesses in understanding how to address their clients' peoples needs.

Now Actually specialises in supporting growing businesses to ensure their HR practices are growing with them.

The Challenge

  • As accountants, the company’s primary focus has always been on providing exceptional financial and tax services to their clients.
  • However, they realised they were not HR experts, and this posed a challenge when it came to understanding and addressing their clients’ broader workforce-related needs.
  • The company needed a solution that would bridge this knowledge gap and enable them to better support their clients. 

The Solution

  • Now Actually came to the rescue with a tailor-made training session designed to upskill the company’s team in HR fundamentals.
  • Now Actually hosted a Lunch and Learn that was informative, engaging, and specifically tailored to the unique needs of this accounting firm.
  • Now Actually provided the company with valuable insights and practical knowledge, covering essential HR topics such as employee engagement, talent management, and compliance. 

The Impact

  • Armed with a newfound understanding of HR principles, the company are now more confident and capable of addressing their clients’ HR challenges.
  • The company can proactively guide their clients through various HR processes and know when and where they should refer them on.
  • They can now expand their service offerings to their clients and help them become the trusted advisors.

“Jenna demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise in the topics covered, including HR documentation, contractors vs. employees, casual employment, modern awards, and the Fair Work Commission. The session provided a comprehensive overview of these important aspects, equipping us with practical information that we can immediately apply within our roles.  Not only did Jenna possess a wealth of knowledge, but her presentation style was engaging and professional. Jenna fostered an open and inclusive environment that encouraged interaction and discussion amongst our team which ensured that the session was both informative and interactive. Thank you, Jenna, for a session that has positively impacted our understanding and approach to HR related matters.”  

Brendan Farmer, Partner – Orr Martin and Waters Chartered Accountants
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