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Now Actually supports businesses by creating ideal structures that helps them scale and be compliant with government mandates.

The Challenge

  • Managing a diverse and divided workforce during the implementation of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements.
  • Only a handful of businesses like this across the country
  • Needed to restructure the business for better workplace outcomes.  

The Solution

  • Now Actually created a framework and strategy on implementing a COVID-19 vaccination policy within the organisation to ensure they were compliant with government regulations and maintained as many employees as possible.
  • The Now Actually team worked extensively alongside the Managing Director to address and respond to employee roadblocks, concerns, and questions.
  • Worked with leadership team to create the ideal structure moving forward. 
    • The organisation was able to reach almost 100% vaccination compliance within the workforce, redeploy those that could not attend onsite and remove those employees from the business who would not comply with the government mandates and the organisation’s policy. 


    • The client faced multiple challenging situations including extreme anti vaxxers, fraudulent medical exemptions and employees attending protests that breached the public health orders that were in place at that time. Those employees were successfully removed from the organisation and no cases were put forward to the Fair Work Commission.
    • Able to work through the restructure to provide appropriate advice and process in addition to resources to support the process.


  • “Overall I am very happy and impressed with all that Now Actually offers. I genuinely feel they are part of the ASI family and I cannot see the difference had we hired someone internally. So, it’s a great outcome for ASI.

    Now Actually have been able to help us navigate the multiple changes in employment law over the last few years. Through the COVID period they were able to provide guidance and a framework to manage our COVID compliance.

    Now Actually were also involved in assisting us with our significant restructure. They were instrumental in providing the documentation to support that as well as strategic advice on how we go about it. One of the benefits of this was that in the restructure they were able get the Founder off the tools and into a role that enabled him to grow the business. And along the way they have been providing useful and meaningful updates that allow us to focus on the day to day running of the business!”


    Martin Camilleri, General Manager – ASI Electrics

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