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Now Actually specialises in providing tailor-made advice to businesses that offer niche services.

The Challenge

  • The business offers a very unique and niche service offering
  • Only a handful of businesses like this across the country
  • They are very specific in what they do and offer to their clients 

The Solution

  • Now Actually researched the best way to establish the employment relationship. Advisors consulted with the Modern Awards, the NES and association guidelines.
  • We created something that was fair and equitable for both parties and were successful able to onboard the Employee into the business.  
  • Straight-forward and tailored advice 
  • Obtained compliance 
  • Happy Employment relationship between Employer and Employee


  • “We worked with Now Actually to develop an employee contract. We are in a unique industry, meaning there was a significant amount of background work that was required on their behalf.

    The whole process was straight forward, and we got advice tailored to our business. We would recommend the Team at Now Actually.

    HR is one of those things that you know you need to do but put off doing.
     After biting the bullet, I engaged Now Actually HR to support our business. The team were professional helpful and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable knowing I had their support.

    Now Actually have been a great asset to our business supporting us with not only developing contracts, but also offering guidance and advice on other HR needs.

    Looking for a reputable HR firm, then look no further the Now Actually HR. They have helped us significantly in our business.

    Olivia Soha, Director – Uncovery Pty Ltd

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