4 top tips to have great Time Management

Having great time management can make your role more enjoyable to manage and not feel like it’s overwhelming and unbearable, which can lead to stress and anxiety if not managed correctly.

Below, we provide you with 4 top tips to ensure that are doing everything possible to have great time management.

4 top tips for great time management

Set achievable goals

Setting goals that are achievable and measurable, is the key to successfully reaching your desired outcome.  Don’t try to over commit on tasks that you may not be able to handle and or achieve within the short term.

Prioritise wisely

Prioritising tasks based on importance of when they are due, assists with managing your time.  This will give you guidance on managing the time you need to allocate to undertake each task. In most cases we are overwhelmed by the huge amount of work we have on our “To Do List”. If we keep a clear list of items that we wish to achieve and then prioritise which ones are “must have done” and which ones are “wants/ good to have”, this will give you some clear guidelines and which tasks to prioritise.

Set a time limit to complete a task

Once you have completed the list of work you must and want to complete, you can now add a timeframe as to how long each task should take you to complete. Allocating time will assist with making sure you stick to your own timeframes.  Being realistic on how long it may take you to complete each task is the key to achieving success.

Take a break between tasks

Having a calm and quiet environment these days is not consider the norm, however certain tasks require different levels of calmness, quietness, and a lot of attention from you.  Therefore, the only way you can achieve this is by taking short breaks to clear the mind and have the energy to keep going.  Look at your days and if you feel that quiet time is really early in the morning and your are an early riser, then consider undertaking those tasks that require more of a quiet and clear mind in the morning. A good night sleep always does wonders when taking on certain tasks throughout the day.

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