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Employing people can be scary, it’s often a big leap for some people in business. They know they need help, they know they need an Employee, but they don’t know how to engage them. It can be tricky and without the right strategy in place, it can also be costly if it’s not done correctly.

People in business can be engaged in a variety of ways; Employees or Contractors. It’s then broken down every further into the types of Employees and the types of Contractors. This is really important in establishing the correct identity of that person in your business as it can affect the terms and conditions of employment.

Whilst we won’t go into too much detail about Employees vs Contactors. It’s important to know that Employees can be classified as Full Time, Part Time or Casual. Each different classification has different rules and regulations attached to that type of employment. Which is why when we say engaging them correctly is paramount to success.

Through investigation and understanding of what it is that an Employer wants, we can provide you with specific advice suited to the needs of your business. It might be that someone starts of casually then transitions to Part Time before becoming a Full Time Employee. It might be that someone is engaged on a fixed term contract or perhaps an ongoing contract. Nevertheless, the right solution is there for you. It’s also important to note that just because an employment relationships starts one way, doesn’t mean that it has to continue that way.

Employing people in business doesn’t need to be hard. Correct planning, with the right advice and a clear goal can take out the hassle that comes with employing people. Reach out to Now Actually—we can take the stress out of this process and make thing simple for you.

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