Christmas Party Gone Wrong?

Have you hosted a social gathering for your workplace in the lead up to the festive season? Have you considered what potentially can go wrong during these celebrations? Have you got the appropriate workplace policies and documentation to protect your business in these circumstances?  

Don’t be left high and dry this silly season!  

Organising social events for your Employees is a fantastic opportunity to enhance workplace culture. It supports team building, provides an occasion to give back and say thank you to your Employees.  

Social gatherings have many benefits, but sometimes things can go wrong. Employers need to be vigilant and ensure they have everything in order from a Human Resources, Health and Safety and Employment Law perspective to protect themselves as an Employer in these circumstances.  

Recommended documentation to implement in support of social functions

All of the above may seem like an overkill to simply have a good time with your Employees. However, as Employers you need to protect yourself, the business and the Employees. You can never be too careful!  

Now Actually can assist your business with identifying and developing these documentations. Contact us now.  

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