What is a Directors ID?

From 1 November 2021, Directors of Australian Corporations (and alternate directors) can apply for unique Director ID issued and administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The Director ID will permanently remain with that Director across all current and future directorships once obtained. 

Who needs a Director ID? 

You will need a Director ID if you are an eligible officer of: 

An eligible officer is a person who is appointed as:


All Directors must apply for their Director ID themselves as they will be required to verify their identity. No one can apply on their behalf.

A Director ID needs to be provided to the record-holder of the Company, which may be the Company Secretary or another Authorised Agent of the Company.

If a Director is appointed as a Director of other companies in the future, the Director ID must be provided for each new position.

It is crucial that Directors also inform the ATO of any changes to their personal information as attached to their Director ID. This can be achieved by logging in to ARBS online to update your details. 

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