Empathy as a Leader

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, in fact we say it all the time.

Leaders need to lead with empathy. It is more important than ever. If you cannot lead a team with understanding and respect, then that team won’t be led. There are several resources out there that instruct people how to be an effective leader. There are different frameworks, models and behaviours that stipulate the attributes and behaviours good leaders should have.

But does that mean if a leader doesn’t have that specific skill set, then they cannot be an effective leader?

Effective leaders are tailoring their leadership style to be more people centric. This includes having an in-depth understanding of employee wellbeing and mental health. Historically, the focus has been on results and performance and whilst still important today, the way we measure them has changed and has broadened to include less tangible elements.

It has been a hard two years. We feel like we’ve said that too as much as well, in fact nearly as much as we’ve pivoted our practices. Now is the time to take a step back, look how far we’ve come and evaluate how we can lead this new workforce.

Being stagnant in business is no longer an option. People have seen the light and know what’s out there and how they can get what they need. It does hurt us a little, but it is an employee’s market now and they are in a position to create the perfect life for themselves. Employees can dictate what it is they want because there is bound to be someone out there offering it, and if your leadership style does not match or suit, they are likely to move on.

Which comes back to our original point. Gone are the days of leading without understanding. Gone are the days of clock watching and not being able to foster a work life balance.  Gone are the days of sitting at a computer to fill in time until 5pm hits. We are all more than just employees in a system. Businesses that will succeed beyond The Great Resignation (The ‘Great Resignation’-Part 1  – Now Actually) will be the ones that are leading with empathy.

If you’re not sure what your leadership styles is or how you can be more empathetic, now is the perfect time to do a disc assessment. We can help facilitate this on your behalf. Why not reach out to us at [email protected]


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