Employee Engagement

We’ve all heard the buzz word Employee Engagement, right? But in all seriously what is it really? Put simply, Employee Engagement is those who work with a enthusiasm, and share a sense of reciprocity and connection to their company. Effectively it’s the level of buy in that Employees have with their Employers. Highly engaged employees drive innovation and help move the organisation forward.

Highly engaged employees are highly motivated and give their all while at work. Well as least that is the best made intention.  These engaged employees have pride and commitment to their organisation.  This leads to better business outcomes compared to their non-engaged or those engaged at lower-level peers.

Furthermore, employee engagement is the extent to which people feel connected with and committed to their job, team and organisation. Being connected is most clearly reflected in how much they really care about achieving their own objectives as well as the success of the team and organisation.

When employees are engaged, they adopt the vision, values, and purpose of the organisation they work for. They become passionate contributors, innovative problem solvers, and stunning colleagues. Why wouldn’t you want more of these? It you don’t have these in place, now is the time to start thinking about it.

It would be assume that in most organisations while many of the people in them work hard there are few that have high levels of engagement. The two are not mutually exclusive. Yet, high levels of employee engagement creates enthusiasm, energy, effort, innovation, teamwork and so on which in turn creates; innovation, better business outcomes, discretionary effort, energy and high levels of performance to name a few. Low levels of engagement, on the other hand, has the opposite effect and can be seen in; opposition, negativity, undermining, wasting time, poor performance, complaining, lack of initiative, motivation and teamwork which in turn ultimately creates poor business performance.

Not only that, if you wanting to decrease or maintain; absenteeism, turnover, safety incidents, quality, customer service, productivity and profitability then high levels of employee engagement will assist as there is a direct correlation between these behaviors.

We find that some Employers don’t concern themselves about employee engagement because mostly they feel their employees get the job done. They are achieving what they are meant to do, but is it enough. The question that really needs to be answers is do you want employees that get the job done or do you want employees that help move your business forward?

At Now Actually Human Resources we can assess and identify your level of engagement in the business. Understanding employee engagement and how it connects into the larger strategy of people performance is paramount for people success.

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