Employer of Choice

It’s one of those buzz words that gets thrown around. “We are an Employer of Choice, we recognise the contributions of our workplace on our employees.”

But what exactly does it mean to be an Employer of Choice?

First of all – who grants such a title? 

The Employer of Choice accreditation, awarded annually by the Australian Business Awards, acknowledges organisations that exhibit the fundamental principles of business innovation, product innovation, technological advancement, and employee engagement. The accreditation essentially encourages employers to exceed their own standards and provide the best in recruitment, engagement, and retention practices. 

Why is Employer of Choice chasing?

Improving workplace culture, policies, and employee satisfaction is a gradual process that requires taking small yet meaningful steps. Participating in the EOC process enables organisations to compete with the world’s top performers and earn recognition as industry leaders. 

Businesses must showcase their accomplishments in these essential categories to gain the advantages of EOC accreditation: 

The assessment focuses on the culture within your organisation. The greater your investment in cultivating a positive culture, the more you’ll benefit in terms of productivity, employee contentment, and overall workplace well-being. 

Four suggestions to help you become an Employer of Choice:  

Work environment

One of our tips is to create a calm, harmonious, and motivating work environment. Paying attention to the finer details, such as providing high-quality equipment and office setups, can have a significant impact on employee retention. By making sure that your employees are comfortable at work, you can enhance their overall job enjoyment, contentment, and likelihood of staying with your company. 

Moreover, this principle applies to recruitment too. During an interview, candidates take in not only the people they meet but also their surroundings. You want to leave them with the impression that your workspace is an appealing place to work, both aesthetically and culturally.  

This can both be applicable in an office or workplace setting or if someone is working from home. Whilst we know there is proof in within the pudding, first impressions do count. 

Reward and Recognition

It is common knowledge that everyone desires to make the most of their employment, making it imperative for businesses to invest in a benefits package that enhances value and provides incentives for their employees. Although this may seem like an obvious point, it is something all businesses need to be mindful of, as the benefits they offer can be perceived as a gauge of how much they value their employees. That is why it is crucial for businesses to put considerable thought into selecting incentives that will motivate their employees. 

In addition, providing significant incentives and benefits is an excellent way for businesses to outperform their competitors and attract high-quality candidates to join their business. 

Strong policies & procedures

Eliminating unnecessary obstacles from your processes and procedures can greatly enhance workplace efficiency and productivity, as people generally dislike having to go through hoops to accomplish tasks. By ensuring that your procedures do not involve any pointless roadblocks, you can significantly reduce time wastage and streamline operations. If we have to go back to basics lets think of the K.I.S.S ( keep it simple stupid ) principle!  

Transparency and Feedback

Establishing open and honest communication with your staff demonstrates that you take their thoughts and opinions seriously, and value their input. Building a positive relationship between employers and employees can facilitate the resolution of any issues before they escalate into problems, prevent disputes from intensifying, and eliminate misunderstandings. 

Bypass the administrative tasks and cultivate a culture that is worthy of being an Employer of Choice. 

To set yourself apart as an exceptional employer, it is crucial to transform HR into something that employees anticipate with excitement instead of dread. One aspect of achieving this goal is to ensure that HR administrative tasks are hassle-free, streamlined, and user-friendly for employees.

That is where Now Actually can help. Let us help guide you on your policies and procedures. Let us help you work through your people strategy and let us help you help your people. After all, your people are our people.  Contact us now or email us via [email protected].

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