Why You Need First Aid in The Workplace

First Aid Training in a workplace should be an automatic given. It goes without saying. The health and safety of employees needs to be the number one priority for all business owners.

You don’t want to be in a situation whereby you have an incident within the Workplace where First Aid needs to be administered and no one is trained to do so.

The governing Act within Victoria; Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 along with all other State and Territory based legislation relating to Workplace Health and Safety clearly outlines Employers have a duty of care to provide so far as reasonably practicable a safe environment for all Employees, Contractors and Visitors.

Workplaces do not plan on hazards, injuries and or illnesses occurring; however they must be prepared to deal with these matters if and when they do occur.

Why should workplaces invest in training their Employees with First Aid?

Enhance Knowledge and Skills with the Workplace

Any form of training is seen as a positive enforcement in the business especially when it has the ability to save a life. Training all employees with First Aid will create a greater awareness within the business to identify potential risks and act appropriately when and  if required.  

If a situation arises, then there is confidence within the business that First Aid can be administrated correctly until professionals arrive. In turn, this will create confidence in not only the team, but the wider business knowing that if something does go wrong help will be available.

Duty of Care

Having trained employees with First Aid accreditations along with nominated First Aid Officers is one step to creating a safe and healthy workplace. Employers have a duty of care to their Employees and having trained and up to date accreditations in the workplace is a contributing factor to complying with their duty of care responsibilities. As well as contributing to a safe workplace culture that can foster strong working relationships.

Team Building

Engage in a provider that delivers First Aid Training in a positive, fun manner. Use the opportunity as a team building exercise for all employees to gain the skills as one team.

Creating an environment that encourages First Aid knowledge in the workplace inevitably supports your workplace culture.

Saves Lives

Lives can be saved with more individuals skilled in First Aid. Having employees trained in First Aid will contribute towards reducing incidents in the workplace. It will establish knowledge that employees would not necessarily have. It’s known that Employees who are First Aid trained are less like to use their Personal Leave then Employees who are not trained. So, in return workplace productivity is less interrupted.

Accidents do happen. Whilst the greatest amount of time and effort goes into creating a safe workplace, we know accidents happen. We cannot reduce our risk to zero. Knowing that in the case of an emergency that Employees will be able to act in a cool calm manner to assess the situation and act accordingly provides that peace of mind. It’s also one of those skills that Employees can utilise outside the workplace and as we grow towards being morale global citizens, the simple fact remains that First Aid can save a Life. What’s not to love?

First Aid in the workplace should not be a consideration, but a non-negotiable. It’s only a matter of time before it will be mandated – why not get ahead of the curve, its simply a must in any reputable business!

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