How company values can influence Employees

A New Year, a new you! 

It’s a marketer’s dream, a simple slogan that can be used across multiple industries and multiple products. Capitalising on New Year’s resolutions underpins a number of industries. We know that generally people set goals around weight loss, getting fit, drinking less, saving more. The list goes on.

Company values for businesses

But what happens in business? Often or not Employers have a desired dream or outcome of where they want their business to be in 6, 12 or 18 months’ time. Success indicators might look like an increase in headcount, increase is revenue or perhaps a new operating premises to name a few. All of these goals, nonetheless, require Employee engagement.

We are huge fans of setting goals. In fact we like to set goals and then break the goals down into mini goals. Who would have thought?

Goal setting with your Employees provides a useful opportunity for you to understand what it is they want to focus on and how you can support them to do so. By sharing your goals, Employees can think about how they can contribute towards that goal and how their input can be meaningful and valuable to the business. As we’ve previously discussed, it can be incorporated in the Annual Performance Reviews or Learning and Development Plans, or simply leading by example.

Leadership styles have changed

Having had to adapt in the last two years, many Employers changed their leadership style to accommodate the changing operational circumstances. For some, the changes made were for the better. For others, it was an uncomfortable space to be in.

Irrespective of how this played out, now is the time to regain Employee engagement. This comes from understanding what type of leader an Employer wishes to be going forward. This will have the ability to impact the Employee mindset and their ability to portray the set of values.

As an Employer you can evaluate whether or not your team is on the company path. Are they perhaps deviating a little or are they nearly amongst the hedges? Depending on where they sit, your actions might need to be adapted to address this issue.

Communication and transparency

Communication and transparency underpin everything in HR, well in reality, possibly life!

When considering what course of action you take with your Employees, the important notion is that whatever actions are implemented they should be done via the company values and policies. You need your Employees mindset to be one that reflects that of the company and that of the goals. Hereby lies the value proposition.

Reacquainting these values through different touch points throughout the year is a useful exercise to bring them to front of mind. If there are certain values that reflect behaviours in the workplace, then again this is re-enforced and demonstrated from top down. Often people lose sight of why they are doing something along the way, so again it’s a useful way to engage with your team.

Communicating these values, and being transparent with your team also shows Employees that you live and breathe your business. It encourages Employees to start to think about how they enact and relate to your values. It also gives them an opportunity to benchmark their behaviours against, if you do not have a code of conduct in place.

The Now Actually company values:


We act with integrity and focus on developing trusted and honest relationships


By interacting our knowledge and experience, we provide commercially sound advice.


Our collaborative approach ensures we are not only bold but flexible in our delivery.

Setting standards by your company values

We feel that these set of values allow us the greatest ability to not only measure our team’s interactions, but also set the standard by which we interact as a whole company. These values are what we live and breathe by. They help form the why and how we do as part of our overall purpose in business.

Our team are able to put these values into practice as we work towards our own business goals.

If you currently do not have any values in place, contact us and let us help you develop them through a specific training exercise.

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