Mental Health in the Workplace

Supposedly 2022 is looking up, there is a sense that normalcy is returning and we’re getting ready to adapt to a new way of life yet again. But at what cost?

It seems like adaptation is just part of our everyday language now. We’ve pivoted, we’ve circled back, we’ve been muted, we’ve been unmuted. The list goes on. We know it’s hard, we know it’s been tough, we know you’re over it and we know we are too. But none the less you’re allowed to feel all the feels.

But what happens when it becomes more than that?

What happens when you need to support Employees with mental health in the workplace?

It’s a tricky space and it does come with a range of legal responsibilities. Failing to meet these obligations could be the start of a difficult legal claim. After all, mental health can sit in both the Work Health and Safety space and the Disability Discrimination Space.

So where do Employers stand when it comes to mental health in the workplace? What can they do to ensure they comply?

Having early intervention strategies is one way to go about it. It’s also understanding that perhaps some actions inadvertently support mental health without making it a thing. For example checking in with your team, having virtual or real life social events, instructing them to get off early if you know they’ve been working long hours.

It’s also acknowledging a transition period from change. If implementing a change, understanding that there is different stages of adoption and adaptation. That means that certain people may take longer than others to understand why and how you are doing something that you are doing so you might need to have a transition period whilst this change is made.

Having a open and transparent environment where communication is encouraged, also allows Employees the opportunity to raise concerns or queries around their mental health. Then from here, appropriate actions can be taken.

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