Our commitment to social impact as a B Corp certified business

Now Actually is now a B Corp certified business…but what does that mean for us moving forward?

What does B Corp Certification mean for Now Actually?

Becoming a B Corporation means we’re now formally committed to ensuring that we operate in a way that serves the best interest of our clients, our people, our community, and our planet.

The process of earning our certification has also shown us areas that we can improve on as a company, and we’re taking that as a challenge moving forward. Even now, we’re looking at our B Impact assessment results and taking down notes on both short-term and long-term goals based on the results.


Now Actually as a force of good

We got certified as a B Corporation because we believe that businesses have a responsibility to create a positive impact and be a force for good.

As a result of our B Corp certification process, we took another look at all of our internal company policies and identified some changes we could make to them. Another result of the process is that we identified the charities we could be contributing to based on our advocacies.

Continuous improvement

Earning our B Corp certification is only the start for Now Actually. Being a B Corporation isn’t one and done. Every three years, businesses are required to undergo a process to recertify as a B Corp, and we’re determined to improve our impact score once we undergo recertification. Changes, big or small, count towards our commitment to continuous and meaningful improvement as a company.

There are plenty of factors that contributed to Now Actually being certified as a B Corp company. One of those factors is that we had strong HR practices and policies that demonstrated our alignment with B Corp’s values. Read how HR best practices helped us attain our certification here.

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