Taking a break over Christmas while working from home

The notion of working from home was once considered to be a luxury for some. Fast forward to 2020 and it became  mandatory for many. Now that the economy is reopening we are slowly being allowed back into the workplace. The situation is fickle; we have some people shouting from the ceilings with excitement and others who want to work from home permanently. What is the solution? It is a scenario that many businesses will need to evaluate.

Whether you love working from home or not, separating work life from home life has never been harder. Majority  of people working from home are working harder than they ever have. There are several factors that can contribute to this.  It might be that you always feel the need to “be on” as you don’t have a separate living and work space. You might have team members that are working alterative hours to you as they are home schooling. You yourself might be home schooling. For those you have traditionally not worked from home, there is a real mindset shift to be able to do this and maintain productivity.

With the festive season in Australia approaching upon us a good portion of businesses close for a well-deserved break. It is critical during this time that people feel like they have had a chance to switch off. That means as a Business Owner/Management we need to put boundaries in place when it comes to separating work life to home life especially during this time.

This starts from the top of a business where the culture and expectations are set from Management. Encouraging staff where possible to have a work station that is not in the center of their living space is the first step to separation.

Having defined boundaries are crucial so colleagues understand and can respect when you are on and offline. This might come in the form of shared working calendar, or simply a Monday email to the team communication when you are available for that forthcoming week.

No one could ever have predicted what occurred in 2020, as a rule of thumb come summer everyone is ready for a break. This year it will be more important than ever to switch off. We have had to adapt in so many ways throughout 2020, the next step is to unlearn some of these behaviours so we can truly have some time off.

So what can you do to make sure work and life don’t get smeared into one?


If you are struggling after such an isolated year make sure you speak up and utilise the support networks around you. That may be speaking to friends and family, colleagues, utilizing your companies EAP service or seeking professional support. Don’t bottle your feelings up.

Heading into 2021, it is a great time to reflect on the year and determine if there is anything that you need to put in place to support you in the workplace. Working from home during 2020 was not planned or a choice for most people, its time to take control back and create a work environment that you benefit from.

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