The Challenge

There was an underperforming manager that went from an excellent performer to quickly declining in a senior position that had us question his suitability. This was impacting the business negatively both internally and external on a daily business. Consequently we had extended his probation period and tried multiple strategies to assist with little success. The business had invested significant time and money into the relationship so far and didn’t want to see that wasted.


Now Actually developed a structured plan with strict boundaries, goals and support to ensure success. This involved regular meetings, retraining and process improvements across the business. The situation was managed through the lens of a Learning and Development opportunity where each party actively participated in upskilling.

  • KPI’s are being achieved
  • Processes are being adhered to at all time
  • Increased moral by the manager and wider team
  • Questions are being asked when uncertainty occurs
  • Productivity has increased

What Our clients say:

  • Now Actually assisted with me identifying the Manager wanted to work for Inge Jabara Landscapes but needed help to achieve success.  They were proactive and took care of matters that cropped up during the process.  The 12 week transformation of this staff member is a miracle and just shows that we did hire the right person for this role to begin with, they just needed some extra help.

    I would highly recommend Now Actually.



    Inge Jabara, Director – Inge Jabara Landscapes