Termination and Redundancies

At some stage, employees will leave. Some may leave voluntarily while others may need to be removed from the business. This is quite a complex process and it is often where businesses get it wrong. There are many factors that need to be considered, so it is paramount that you have the right information to deal with the situation.

Do you

  • Have an offboarding process?
  • Know your obligations when making someone redundant?
  • Understand the disciplinary process that must be taken to terminate someone for poor conduct or performance?

Terminations and redundancies are an unpleasant part of any business. Now Actually will coach business owners through an exit process and support meetings with employees, ensuring correct procedures and compliance is maintained.

Our services include

  • Redundancy and determining the financial impact of making the position redundant
  • Coaching and supporting business owners through the processes and procedures
  • Drafting any correspondence and attending an exit meeting
  • Providing end of employment advice
  • Fair Work and Unfair Dismissal Claims

If your business is faced with challenging complex and sensitive matters, we have the experts to manage you through the processes.