10 Reasons Undertaking a HR Audit with Each Franchise Site is Important

The importance of HR audits for franchise networks

Audits: no one likes them, however, they’re part of running a successful business. Some are mandatory and some are recommended best practice.

Franchisors are responsible for compliance across their network. How do you ensure that each franchisee is playing their part in being compliant?

That is the million dollar question many Franchisors are wondering. Introducing a regular audit into your operations is a quantifiable way to assess the current status of each Franchisees operations and ways of managing their people.

One of the many areas of business that Franchisors needs to be across is the Human Resources (HR) function within their network.

HR and Employment Law in Australia is a complicated beast at the best of times for any independent business. Let alone a Franchisor who may be responsible for HR across multiple businesses.

How can a Franchisor ensure Franchisees are complaint when it comes to HR obligations?

It is recommend that you introduce a mandatory HR audit, facilitated by a third party provider. The audit should be conducted on a regular (yearly) basis for each Franchisee.

10 reasons why HR audits for franchise networks are important:

Why does a Franchisor need to ensure compliance is adhered to when a Franchisee is a business owner in their own right?

Now Actually has significant experience with providing outsourced HR services for franchise networks. If you need help with HR audits for your franchise networks, feel free to reach out to us.

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