Build for resilience, by the resilient.

Wendy Jenkins was given two years to live … over 15 years ago.

Ready Resilience founder Wendy Jenkins is no stranger to change and adversity. As a newlywed looking forward to her next chapter, Wendy was diagnosed with a life-threatening lung condition and given two years to live without a rare and risky transplant procedure. While lucky enough to match with a donor, the transplant left Wendy with ongoing complex health issues, which prevented her from having children, shortened her life expectancy, and led to severe depression and PTSD.

Determined to overcome mental illness and improve her wellbeing, Wendy discovered a strong passion for neuroscience-based resilience and the way our nervous system and brain work to give us mental strength. She believes no matter what challenges and adversity you face – the way you respond is key.

More than 15 years later, Wendy is a certified resilience coach and resilience first aid instructor, accredited mental health first aider, successful entrepreneur, sought-after speaker and a strong advocate for advancing forward – not just bouncing back. A highly experienced human resources practitioner, Wendy is dedicated to empowering forward-thinking businesses and individuals to be their best through neuroscience-based resilience training.

Wendy also co-founded the Lungitude Foundation and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in June 2022 ‘for service to community health, particularly lung transplant research’.